You can help find Andrés Felipe!

You can help find Andres Felipe(32)!

Claudia is from Armero, a Colombian town which was destroyed during an outburst of a vulcano on November 13, 1985. In short notice the town was flooded by a enormous mud slide, which took the lives of 23000 inhabitants. Claudia was saved: that day she was in Bogota, where she was studying. Her husband, their five year old son Andres, and other members of her family were in Armero, that day.

After the catastrophe Claudia hurried to her home town. As of the chaos it was difficult to find out if her relatives had survived. Numbers of victims could not be identified. Corpses were buried in mass graves. As the body of her five year old son Andres Felipe was never found, Claudia kept hoping that her son had survived the disaster.
Since November 13, 2011 she is convinced that Andres Felipe is not dead. In a TV program that day in which the catastrophe was remembered she saw images she had never seen before. She noticed that her son being saved by a rescue worker, the day after the eruption.
The boy looked good, considering the circumstances.  Claudia believes that in the turmoil he was considered being an orphan. It’s assumable that he was given up for adoption and being adopted abroad. As many Colombian children those days were adopted in The Netherlands, there is a considerable chance that Andres Felipe lives in The Netherlands.
Claudia’s son André Felipe was born in Armero, on February 22, 1980
He has probably left Colombia by the end of 1985.

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